Bocchi joins Gravity Gaming, leaves within six hours

Bocchi joins Gravity Gaming, leaves within six hours

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We are excited to welcome @bocchibelle to the #GRVfam as our new Smash Bros. Ultimate player! Looking forward to working with you and watching you grow as a player! @bocchibelle will be doing an AMA in the press room of our community Discord for 1 hour!

— Gravity Gaming (@GRV_NA) July 6, 2019

Hello everyone. Me and @GRV_NA after further discussion have decided to not sign a contract. It was nothing against their org and just me, as i believe i was too hasty and am willing to wait for another offer in the future. i wish them the best!

— bocchi (@bocchibelle) July 7, 2019

Gravity Gaming initially brought on Bocchi as both a competitor and content creator. The organization plugged her Smash Ultimate Isabelle guide shortly after announcing that she would join the team. Bocchi also held an AMA in Gravity Gaming’s Discord server for an hour following the initial announcement.

However, she later revealed that she had not yet signed a contract with Gravity Gaming. She decided not to sign with the organization. Bocchi stated that she had agreed to join Gravity Gaming too hastily, and that she was willing to wait for a better offer.

Bocchi is currently sponsored by Team Sick Neutral. However, she is looking for a more prestigious esports team that may be willing to sign her. Bocchi took to Twitter to market herself, citing her rapidly growing social media presence and her ability to compete at a fairly high level. She also advertised her charismatic personality and loyal fan base.

Anyways, I am currently a free agent! 
I have lots to offer including:
-One of the highest growing numbers on twitter, twitch, and youtube of any smash player currently
-Relatively good results in competition and tournaments
-Ability to travel and create content often

— bocchi (@bocchibelle) July 7, 2019

Bocchi: Smash Ultimate’s latest prodigy

Bocchi rose to national prominence for her performance at AON Smash Ultimate #027. There, she defeated Carlos “Raptor” Vanegas and Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce in order to place 5th. Many people consider her to be one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle mains. She is also recognized for her success at such a young age, as she is only 15 years old.

Bocchi faced criticism as she became more widely known throughout the Smash scene. She considered withdrawing from the Smash Ultimate community on account of the bullying she experienced. However, Bocchi has since resumed competing and making competitive content.

nvm. final tweet from this account. I will either be done with smash or begin competing under a new name to avoid this attention i’ve gained. I will stop streaming and find my path by myself. Do not expect me to be bocchi anymore. I’m done. If i do come back to the community

— bocchi (@bocchibelle) July 3, 2019

Though she has achieved national recognition, Bocchi has not yet competed outside of her home state of New York. As a result, she has yet to pull off a significant major tournament performance. However, she will be attending a handful of upcoming tournaments. Among these are Defend the North, EVO 2019, and Super Smash Con 2019.

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Dylan Tate is a student in the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, including Smash Bros., Splatoon, ARMS, and Pokémon. Dylan also writes competitive guides for Dignitas and Nintendo news articles for Nintendo Enthusiast.

Anheuser-Busch Makes a Move to Legally Become the Official Beer of Esports

Anheuser-Busch Makes a Move to Legally Become the Official Beer of Esports

What does it mean to be the “official beer of esports?” Not much. Yet.

Still, Anheuser-Busch may be able to officially claim that title after filing a trademark request last week. Unlike spendy sponsorships to become the official beer of a major sports league, the wide open esports scene only required an opportunistic filing.[…]

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No beer company can become the “official beer of sports” due to the breadth of that claim, but apparently, the digital playing field was wide open. Individual esports leagues like Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League already had a deal in place with Bud Light for the AB In-Bev product to be the league’s official beer.

Bud Light is happily expanding into esports as the company also owns the rights to be the official beer of the NFL until 2022, a title that reportedly cost them $1.4 billion. That’s the beauty of this trademark filing, it was easy to do and absurdly cheap.

“The sport is so fractured,” said Nick Kelly, the head of U.S. sports marketing at Anheuser-Busch in an interview with Sports Business Journal. “It’s not like the NFL. I could never be the official beer of the NFL without doing a deal with them. But no one owns esports, so it’s an opportunity for us to come in there and create a space that we can play in that transcends everything from Call of Duty to Fortnite, the [NBA] 2K League or Overwatch League.”

Kelly went on to say that the company plans to use the phrase in advertising and potentially at retail. Nothing official has been announced so, for now, this remains a slogan in the deep pockets of the biggest beer company in the world.

If they do begin to use the slogan, they can expect pushback from esports loyalists. In general, many fans of esports aren’t as used to brand presence around their favorite game as a traditional sports fan may be. While these audiences are beginning to accept brands more, the intense focus on the space in the past two years has made many people wary of new advertisers.

Luckily for Anheuser-Busch, they aren’t a new advertiser. Bud Light made a splash in the esports world back in 2016 when they announced the “Bud Light All-Stars” series. While panned by critics at the time, their choices for all-stars may have come through a crystal ball.

Game On for Difuzed’s Head of Esports

Game On for Difuzed’s Head of Esports

Difuzed has inked a deal with former Beanstalk executive Dan Amos to lead the company’s esports division. As first reported by Licensing Source , Amos has been tasked with growing Difuzed’s gaming apparel offerings by developing its esports oppurtunities. He will work to build upon Difuzed’s existing apparel portfolio, […]

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As first reported by Licensing Source, Amos has been tasked with growing Difuzed’s gaming apparel offerings by developing its esports oppurtunities. He will work to build upon Difuzed’s existing apparel portfolio, which already includes partnerships with gaming brands such as “Zelda” and “Assassin’s Creed.”

“I’m excited to bring esports apparel to retail, to continue to work with some of the biggest video game IP’s in the industry and to do all this alongside a team with such passion,” writes Amos in a LinkedIn post.

Amos has extensive experience in the licensing industry and working within the gaming community. He worked on the agency side at Beanstalk for more than 11 years and spent six years before that at Tinderbox.Game On for Difuzed’s Head of Esports

Budweiser To Take A Leap Into eSports?

Budweiser To Take A Leap Into eSports?

The eSports industry is a growth market right now. There is a constant stream of firsts which demonstrate how its popularity is on the incline. You just have to take a look at some of the industries competitions to see how popular it is. […]

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 From the Overwatch league, now afforded cover by ESPN, through to the annual DOTA 2 tournament with a huge prize pool in excess of $25 million. Competitive gaming is on the up.

It doesn’t just have a cult following anymore either. If you log on to the ESPN website it tracks stats for many existing eSports and it isn’t just a sport that is shared on YouTube either. Up until recently, Twitch dominated the broadcast of eSports and while it is still the place to go to watch many of them several TV deals are now in place with ESPN and the Turner Broadcasting all recently making an attempt to get a slice of the eSports pie to increase their ratings. And like with any sport there is always a clamouring of advertisers looking to emblazon their logo over the events to help sell and promote their brand. While eSports has been no exception to this it would appear that a huge sponsor is attaching itself to the industry, America’s most beloved beer, Budweiser!

Nothing has been confirmed yet but all the signs seem to point to the brewing giant entering into the fray. It was reported on DotEsports that the company that makes Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch has applied for several trademarks that probably are a good indication of their intentions. It claims that it applied to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to have the following phrases copywrited:

“the official beer of esports,” “the official beer of gaming,” and “the official beer of gamers.”

Those phrases might trigger something in you, perhaps a sense of familiarity, let’s be honest it’s not like they haven’t used “the official beer of…” for just about everything they have ever sponsored. The phrase can be seen in pretty much every sport, ever. The NBA, The NFL. Budweiser’s commercial approach can be seen throughout all the levels of sports in the US even sponsoring way down in local minor leagues. The beer knows how to brand itself!

It would appear pretty obvious that the beer is now trying to impose its presence on the eSports industry. Many would feel it is about time too! It’s not like they don’t cover just about every other sport on the planet. You can’t have an egg and spoon race without seeing the Bud logo and with eSports coming more in line with their physical counterparts such a notable sponsorship partnership almost seemed inevitable.

Know your audienceBudweiser To Take A Leap Into eSports?

This really shouldn’t come as much a surprise should it? Video games and drinking beer go together like apple pie and ice cream. I mean sure there is a young demographic watching gaming stream, but the audience for eSports, rather than just general gaming channels tends to be older. Plus it’s sort of a moot point, after all, there are plenty of kids watching the NFL and there are plenty of beer adverts in that! Plus it’s not like we are talking about the ads appearing in games themselves.

Why the delay

The burning question is what took Budweiser so long? There has clearly been a massive rise in the popularity and it’s questionable what took them so long to jump aboard. With streams of eSports outstripping the Superbowl they have been missing out on some serious exposure. It will be interesting now to see what sort of deals they come up with, one thing is for sure, it’s another indicator of the growth of eSports.

The New “Call Of Duty” Esports League Gets Two New City Teams

The New “Call Of Duty” Esports League Gets Two New City Teams

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Today, Activision Blizzard announced two new additions to the new Call Of Duty esports league being formed, as two new cities join the roster. Those two locations will be Minnesota (representing the entire state) and Los Angeles, California. That brings the total so far to seven teams as the previous five to join are Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Paris, and Toronto. Here’s a little more info on the two teams from the announcement made today.

· Los Angeles, CA – Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) is the world’s first vertically integrated, truly global esports and gaming company. IGC owns and operates IGC esports, which houses the company’s competitive esports brands Immortals, Los Angeles Valiant (Overwatch League), OpTic Gaming and MIBR; and Gamers Club, the leading matchmaking platform and community hub for gamers in Brazil and Latin America.

· Minnesota – WISE Ventures, an investment fund based in Manhattan focused on early and growth stage investment opportunities that leverage our strategic value. Led by an ownership group with deep sports & entertainment and real estate experience, WISE is able to assess, champion, and add value to next-gen companies in those industries.

There’s still no word yet from the company or anyone involved with Call Of Duty‘s esports program as to when this league will kick off or how many teams they’re aiming to add before launching. We’re guessing we won’t hear much until around August when the World League Championship takes place.

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